Hiveword celebrates five years

Happy birthday, Hiveword!

The contest has ended.

The winners are:

  • LRenaya (Knockout Novel)
  • copperbottomus (Knockout Novel)
  • theauthorology (Knockout Novel)
  • laurlikescode (Hiveword Plus)
  • sophie_perr (Hiveword Plus)
  • AdamSanto (Hiveword Plus)

Hiveword turns five on November 26, 2016, but YOU are the one who might receive a gift!

On that day we are giving away free Hiveword Plus subscriptions and free access to Knockout Novel. Each one will have three winners for a total of six prizes.

Simply retweet the following for a chance to win:

Learn more about Hiveword tools


Hiveword is a free online novel organizer. Thousands of writers have used Hiveword to organize their scenes, characters, settings, plotlines, and items.

Hiveword Plus

Hiveword Plus is a subscription-based add-on with advanced features such as custom fields and types, image uploads, notes, and more.

Knockout Novel

Knockout Novel is a paid add-on with content from acclaimed writing coach James Scott Bell based on his book Plot and Structure. Knockout Novel will get you thinking deeply about your novel to help you make it great.

Writer’s Knowledge Base

The Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) is a free search engine for writers with nearly 40,000 hand-selected articles on the craft and business of writing. Content for the WKB is supplied by author Elizabeth Spann Craig who tweets great writing links daily.

Hiveword seamlessly integrates all of these great features into one consistent experience. Sign up today and see how easy it is to get your novel organized. Can’t wait to try Hiveword Plus or Knockout Novel? No problem, purchase today and get a refund if you win.


“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!”
-- Jon K.
“Wow. Your software is SUCH a help. I am creating scenes, sorting them, and getting all the tangles of my ideas down and in logical, fun to read order. NEVER could do this with file cards or other software. Thank you!”
-- Brenda R.
“I freaking love this website! It is so useful and the newness of it for me keeps me going because I want to find more of the awesome "surprise features" of this website!”
-- NaTasha T.
“I absolutely adore this service! It's everything I could hope for. Such a neat, simplistic, easy to use tool!”
-- Michaela L.
“[T]his site is making organizing my anthology 90000x easier. Thank you!”
-- Brittany S.

Contest Rules

The contest is open to those over 13 years of age and is void where prohibited. No purchase required. There is no cash value to the prizes; winners get free access to the Hiveword features that they won. Winners will be chosen from retweeters of the Hiveword tweet above. The drawing will occur on November 28, 2016. We will contact winners via Twitter starting the following day. Winners will be announced via the Hiveword Twitter account.