Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this website?

The short answer is that the WKB is a free service running on Mike Fleming's Hiveword platform. The longer answer is that the WKB is a collaboration between Mike and Elizabeth Spann Craig which exposes Elizabeth's vast collection of ever-growing writing links as a Google-like search engine. See About for more information.

Who do I contact about a feature request or a problem with the site?


Who do I contact about WKB content?


What is the article submission policy?

The content for the WKB comes from the links that Elizabeth tweets at @elizabethscraig. As a result, the submission policy is the same as for getting tweeted by Elizabeth. Her guidelines can be found here.

How does the WKB newsletter work?

The newsletter is sent out once a month and contains the most popular links from the previous month. The newsletter also features an interview with a top blogger as well as a mini-profile of a randomly chosen one. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Are newsletter back issues available?

Yes! Newsletter content is added to the back issues page a month after being sent to subscribers.

How are featured bloggers chosen?

The featured blogger is drawn from the top performing bloggers as determined by clicks on search results. The order of bloggers from month to month is not necessarily by rank but the blogger will be among those with the most-accessed content.

What can featured bloggers expect?

Elizabeth makes the selection and notifies the selected blogger by email. If the blogger wishes to participate Elizabeth will ask the blogger a small set of questions. The questions and answers then become part of the newsletter. The newsletter is sent out at the beginning of the second week of the following month.

You will be promoted as part of the lead-up to the newsletter release via various channels such as Twitter and Facebook. The contents of the newsletter will be added to the back issues page a month after initial release.