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Editing a scene
“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London

Hiveword is a web-based novel organizer.

End the overwhelm

Writing a novel is a daunting endeavor. We both know that. But being organized can help dramatically! Hiveword allows you to track your characters, settings, locations, items, plotlines, and more quickly and easily. Fill in only as much information as you need. You can always flesh things out later as the story solidifies.

Track as much detail about characters, scenes, settings, and plotlines as you want

Know where and when everything is

Can you easily tell which scenes have Bob as the POV character? Which scenes are in Paris? How about which scenes have Bob as the POV character in Paris? Where was the villain last seen? Hiveword’s powerful scene filtering feature allows you to answer all of these questions and more in an instantly understandable way. You can also easily sort your scenes in this filtered mode.

Powerful scene filtering makes story visualization a snap

Untangle your plotlines

Managing plotlines can be an exercise in frustration. Prevent that frustration and save time by leveraging Hiveword's plotline management tools. Intuitive visuals make it a breeze to see at a glance how your main plot and subplots weave through your scenes.

Clear plotline visualization plus powerful filtering tame those plotlines

Save your precious writing time

“Measure twice, cut once.” I’m sure you’ve heard that carpenter’s adage applied to many things. Writing is no exception. If you write without some type of plan you’re likely to meander and waste time. You’ll also be stuck rewriting — perhaps multiple times — and throwing away who knows how much text. Who needs that when you could start another novel, instead?

Purposeful writing — that’s what planning allows

Find some inspiration

Coming up with character and place names can be a time-consuming pain. Hiveword helps by offering random names. Click on a name to instantly create that character. How about locations? Hiveword can randomly provide more than 100,000 real places around the world with links for more information about it. Write fantasy? Hiveword can offer up some really juicy name suggestions from exotic locales. Like characters, you’re just one click away from creating the new setting.

Quickly generate character names and locations

Hiveword supports your novel organization methodology

Whether you favor index cards, the Snowflake method, your own process, or a combination of approaches, Hiveword is there for you. How does Hiveword do it? Simply, Hiveword provides the components that all stories have (characters, scenes, etc.) plus extension points such as tags so that you can mark those components as you see fit. Want to mark a scene as TODO? You can do it. Want to mark a scene as First Plot Point or perhaps Twist? You can do that, too. Then, Hiveword makes those tagged components easy to find.

Hiveword works with your novel organization process

Your data is yours

Sounds obvious, but have you ever used a website that makes it hard or impossible to get your data back out? I bet you have. Hiveword is not that kind of website. You can get your story’s data out with one click. Plus, it’ll be in a format (RTF) that you can readily use in just about any word processor.

Want out? Hiveword gives you your data back with one click


Yep. Hiveword makes automatic backups at least once a day to a private, secure, off-site cloud storage location. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Plus, as mentioned above, you can export your data to your own computer whenever you want. Now that’s peace of mind.

Hiveword keeps your data safe

Manage stories not software

Because Hiveword is web-based you can use any computer with internet access. Best of all? You get new Hiveword features as they become available without lifting a finger or worrying about licenses.

Hiveword is novel organization software for the web

Hiveword is a sophisticated organizer that grows with your needs

If you've read this far then you must be very serious about organizing your novel. That's great! What's better is that Hiveword Plus is an add-on that takes novel organization to the next level. Yours! So when you want to track custom types and fields, record journal entries, or attach images and notes to just about anything, know that Hiveword is ready when you are. Learn more