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Creating, editing, sorting, and deleting settings works just like the other story components.

Adding Aliases

You can add any number of aliases to your setting via the setting information sidebar on the right. Hover over Aliases and click on the pencil icon. You'll get a popup where you can add or remove aliases. After saving, the aliases will appear in the sidebar.

Moving/Copying to Another Story

Whether you want to move or copy, the way to do it is to select "Move/copy to another story" from the Actions dropdown menu on the the screen for the setting you want to move. You'll then be given the choice of where to move or copy it.

Generating Random Places

Thinking of interesting settings can be a challenge. Luckily, Hiveword has a random place generator. You can access it in two places: the setting list view and any setting detail screen. In each case, click on the Actions dropdown menu and select Name Generator. You'll be taken to a page with a random list of places. You can click the Generate Places button to generate more until you find one you like.

If you see a place you like you can immediately create a new setting with that place by clicking Add Setting.

Place generation defaults to worldwide possibilities. You can choose a specific country from which to generate random places and if you choose the United States you can even specify a state.

Finally, each place comes with links to Google Maps and Wikipedia for quick reference and background information. If you create a setting from a random place you will also get these links on the details page for your setting.