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Knockout Novel is an online program based on Jim’s #1 best-selling writing book, Plot & Structure. Over the years this book has helped countless writers improve their manuscripts. Now he brings you his material in an interactive form that will walk you through the crucial steps to creating a potential bestseller. Whether you only have an idea, or are well on your way to a finished novel, this system will supercharge your material and brainstorm with you. And you can keep coming back to it with each new book.

Knockout Novel works whether you are a “plotter” (outline-oriented) or a “pantser” (like to write without much planning) or anything in between!

30 day money back guarantee

Using this program you will:

  • Nurture an idea until it grabs hold of you.
  • Find the emotional juice that is essential for a knockout novel.
  • Develop a Lead character who is worth following.
  • Connect to the power of reader bonding.
  • Generate sympathy, attraction and inner conflict.
  • Create a novel-worthy objective.
  • Elevate the entire book with single most important key to stakes.
  • Tap into the core quality of a great antagonist.
  • Begin your novel in an un-put-downable way.
  • Build the strongest structural foundation possible.
  • Put together the perfect pitch in three easy steps.
  • Capture your characters, plotlines, etc. in the built-in novel organizer.
  • And much more!

This is a program that you can use over and over again, as if Jim were your personal writing coach. Join him on the journey to Knockout novels and greater writing success.

"James Scott Bell's Knockout Novel is a valuable tool that helps me connect with my characters on an emotional level. The questions prompt me to consider things about my leads that never occurred to me before, helping me take them from cardboard characters to three dimensional, complex people readers can relate to. It's also helped me discover some major pitfalls in my current plot, keeping me from writing myself into a corner."

— Terri Blackstock, NY Times Best-selling Author of Intervention and Vicious Cycle


How it works
Knockout Novel is presented as an online module within the Hiveword novel organizer. Jim provides narratives and prompts for which response areas are provided. You can refine the responses over time and as much as you'd like. You can also run through Knockout Novel for as many stories as you'd like and the responses are independent.

Get organized
Want to track your novel's characters, settings, scenes, and plotlines together with your Knockout Novel responses? You can since Knockout Novel is integrated with the popular Hiveword novel organizer.

With Knockout Novel there's nothing to download or update because it all runs on the web. Updates are automatic and free!

Our philosophy is that your data is yours and that we are merely trusted stewards of it. That means that your data is private. It also means that we don't hold your data hostage. You can get all of your data out at any time with the click of a button for safe keeping or to print out. We also backup your data every day. Finally, your data is protected with SSL technology to keep it safe from prying eyes.

Knockout Novel is provided by James Scott Bell and Mike Fleming. Jim is well-respected in the writing community for his helpful advice, books on writing, and his popular seminars. Mike has been helping writers for years with Hiveword, his free online novel organizer, and Writer's Knowledge Base, which is a search engine for writers. Jim and Mike want you to succeed.

"Wow! This is exactly what I've been looking for in terms of process and organization. Brilliant!"

— Jeff Ambrose