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Track characters, scenes, settings, plotlines, and more with the free Hiveword novel organizer. Hiveword's customizability ensures that you'll never outgrow it.

Writing a novel is a daunting endeavor. We both know that. But being organized can help dramatically. Hiveword allows you to track the various aspects of your novel quickly and easily. Fill in only as much information as you need. You can always flesh things out later as the story solidifies.

Save time

“Measure twice, cut once.” I’m sure you’ve heard that carpenter’s adage applied to many things. Writing is no exception. If you write without some type of plan you’re likely to meander and waste time. You’ll also be stuck rewriting — perhaps multiple times — and throwing away who knows how much text. Who needs that when you could start another novel, instead?

Your way

Whether you favor index cards, the Snowflake method, or your own process, Hiveword is there for you. Hiveword provides the components that all stories have (characters, scenes, etc.) plus extension points such as tags so that you can mark those components as you see fit. For example, you can mark scenes as TODO, First Plot Point, Twist or whatever you’d like. Mix and match all of these things to achieve the perfect degree of organization for you.

Know where and when

Which scenes have Bob as the POV character in Paris? Where was the villain last seen? Hiveword’s powerful scene filtering feature allows you to answer all of these questions and more in an instantly understandable way. You can also easily sort your scenes in this filtered mode.

Scenes list with filters

Untangle plotlines

Managing plotlines can be an exercise in frustration. Prevent that frustration and save time by leveraging Hiveword's plotline management tools. Intuitive visuals make it a breeze to see at a glance how your main plot and subplots weave through your scenes.

Scenes by plotline


  • Unlimited stories
  • Unlimited scenes
  • Unlimited characters
  • Unlimited settings
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited plotlines
  • Unlimited tags
  • Sorting
  • Powerful scene filtering
  • Plotline visualization
  • Character name generator
  • Location name generator
  • Private workspace
  • Novel export (no lock-in!)
  • Automatic backups

Show, Don't Tell Screenshots

Room to grow with Hiveword Plus

Thousands of writers use Hiveword to organize their novels. The Hiveword Plus upgrade provides advanced features that take novel organization to the next level. YOUR level.

Hiveword Plus is seamlessly integrated into Hiveword so you can continue to organize your characters, plotlines, etc., as you always have. Nothing changes except for having more great features at your disposal:

  • Custom fields
  • Custom types (things)
  • Attach images
  • Attach notes
  • Writer's journal
  • Search everything
  • Plus more coming!

Grow your knowledge with Knockout Novel

Knockout Novel is a Hiveword add-on to help you create the best possible novel. Join writing coach James Scott Bell on a self-paced journey as you learn how to make your story better.

Create stronger characters, more interesting plots, and better books.

Knockout Novel


"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! As a new writer this is exactly what I've been looking for!"

— Jon K.
"Wow. Your software is SUCH a help. I am creating scenes, sorting them, and getting all the tangles of my ideas down and in logical, fun to read order. NEVER could do this with file cards or other software. Thank you!"

— Brenda R.
"I absolutely adore this service! It's everything I could hope for."

— Michaela L.