Hiveword Plus

When you're serious about organizing your novel

Thousands of writers use Hiveword to organize their novels. Hiveword Plus provides advanced features that take novel organization to the next level. YOUR level.

What can you do with Hiveword Plus?

  • Track exactly what you want with Custom Types and Fields. A Hiveword exclusive!
  • Attach Images to just about anything.
  • Attach Notes to just about anything.
  • Use the Journal to write about your novel, brainstorm, or simply make diary entries.
  • Search everything with Google-like speed.
  • Hiveword Plus is seamlessly integrated into Hiveword so you can continue to organize your characters, plotlines, etc., as you always have. Nothing changes except for having more great features at your disposal.
  • Much more is on the way!

Custom Types and Fields
Have you ever wanted to track your novel's religions, clans, companies, countries, weapons, or anything else? Have you ever wanted to add your own fields to Hiveword's existing pages such as characters or settings? Now you can with Hiveword Plus' powerful Custom Types and Fields feature! Hiveword Plus is the only online novel organizer that lets you customize it in this way. See the Hiveword blog for more details.

Image Upload
Attach images to your characters, settings, custom types, etc., in a convenient in-page popup. You can also have unassigned images that are not attached to a story in any way. You can tag your images for simple categorization and use the powerful image filter to see all of your images in one place. The Hiveword blog has more details.

Like the image upload feature above, you can have any number of notes for stories, scenes, characters, etc. The same great features exist such as the in-page popup, a powerful filter, and tags for categorization. The Hiveword blog has more details.

Many authors use journaling to log their thoughts, brainstorm, or simply free write to get the juices flowing. Sue Grafton does it. Many others do, too. Hiveword Plus makes journaling easy. You can have multiple entries per day and you can tag them for reference.

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